We Specialize in Helping You Enjoy a Worry-Free Retirement

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We Specialize in Helping You Enjoy a Worry-Free Retirement

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Our Practice

At Asset Max, we are here to provide proper financial planning and sound decision making guidance so you can experience a rewarding and bountiful retirement with your loved ones. We specialize in Retirement Income Planning, Asset Protection, Qualified Plan Rollovers, Estate Maximization, and Long Term Care Planning, amongst other areas, to ensure you achieve the Retirement goals that you always dreamt of. With a long and prosperous life for all of our clients and their loved ones in mind, we welcome you to call us for a free consultation!


Our Vision

To Engage, Empower, & Encourage

We assist our clients in building true wealth through the use of excellent financial planning and appropriate investment products

Where We Specialize

Retirement Income

You’ve worked hard your entire life and you deserve to have a stress free retirement. Ensuring your income is sufficient during those years, so you can travel, treat your family, or whatever it is you desire, is one of our specialties. We will work to understand what assets you have available now and what income, social security, etc., you will have in the future, so your dreams can become a reality.

Asset Protection

Asset protection and preservation should be a top priority of yours. If it is not, don’t fret, we will evaluate what assets you have now, protecting and growing them for you as we determine how to maximize your situation accordingly.

Estate Maximization

A common goal for those with a family, large or small, is to leave a legacy that will support and provide for your loved ones, long after you’re gone. Evaluating your entire situation, assets, investments, etc., will allow us to make sure your family has no financial concerns when your time on this earth ends.

Qualified Plan Rollovers
Despite being common, qualified plans can be awfully confusing to most participants. There is over 28.2 trillion dollars of assets in US retirement plans as of the fourth quarter 2017.  With many transfer options available, we will guide you during the important transition phase of changing jobs or retiring, making sure your money is safe and protected.
Long Term Care Services

Long Term Care is something no one likes to think about despite the repercussions of not properly planning for it. Many of us believe we will not reach a point in our lives where Long Term Care is needed, and more of us will be wrong. We make sure that all facets of your life and your future, long term care included, are planned for so there are no unpleasant surprises down the road.

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